Breathing easy beats fear :)
do u remember me :) i was the one who liked to smile
and to be smiled at
i've got it

now i stay on the shore, giggling
how about a day when you wake up at 5, go to target for 4 hours, 1 of them spent starring at the this movie and debating whether to spent a 20 on it, the rest spent in the pre-schoolers section tossing small footballs, going tru each and everyone monopoly/scrabble/things game, almost buying a 2000p puzzle (van gogh's night cafe), taking plush hippo's and giving them to indian-american beau's "as a gift",
and ending up with toblerone and milka, klondike and philadelphia cream cheese in the cart..


"pileto" e lubimata mi kniga.
zashtoto 1 moje da se osvobodi, da otleti ot civilizaciqta kato nein defekt